Why I Have This Blog

It all started with Solitaire…Jane Seymour’s character in the 1973 James Bond flick, Live and Let Die. I was nine. And I was transfixed by those cards Solitaire used… And I had to have some! I didn’t know what I would do with them, neither did my mom for that matter, but I still wanted them. I can’t even remember where I actually bought them. In those days nobody had tarot cards. But I found some somewhere (probably because of the Bond movie), the Witches Tarot… opened the box and YIKES! For a nine-year old the cards were frickin’ scary (in fact I still think they are frickin’ scary).

And yet as scary as those cards seemed, it was that deck that started me on my tarot journey. I loved the idea of cards with pictures on them that could be read ato find out things about myself and what is going on in the world. And though I have read and bought tons of tarot books… bought so many different tarot decks… I could never quite focus on learning the tarot. Why? For a really long time I thought it was because I could never find the right deck… or the right book for that matter. I just didn’t seem to connect with the Rider-Waite deck… I loved the artwork of the Hanson-Roberts deck… but it didn’t seem quite right. I tried the Morgan Greer, the Robin Wood and many other decks but I thought I just wasn’t connecting because of the medieval theme. I tried so many other non-Rider Waite clones… and so many books to learn tarot. What I didn’t realize was that there was an undercurrent that I felt… that the cards were bad and unchristian.

It wasn’t so much that I thought that. I didn’t. I have always felt that if I use the pictures on the cards to help me figure out life and make it better, the God I believed it wouldn’t have a problem. It was me. I had the problem. I truly believed and still do to a certain extent, that other people think I am bad, wrong, unchristian… whenever I bring the cards out. That includes my family, my husband, friends… And it has really stifled my desire to learn tarot because it is hard to get anywhere when you don’t practice because you are afraid to take your cards out and use them.

My mind knows that I shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. But I do. Or at least I have until now. I started this blog so I could have a place to practice. A place that I am committed to practicing at every day…

I hope that my practice may help others too. This won’t be one of those blogs where I am pulling cards to give you your fortune about the upcoming week. No, I want this to be a place where you can come… see the cards I have pulled, read my practice, and maybe use the cards to practice too.

Starting out, I will use practices and methods I learned from Intuitive Tarot: How to Read the Cards Instantly… by Kelly Wallace. It is a really simple way to get to know cards without getting caught up in all the meanings. It seems like a really good way to get familiar with my cards and to start the most unintimidating practice I could think of. As I progress I imagine I will move to a more structured practice but the truth, is who knows. What matters is that I start and that I practice.

Come join me. I would love it if you would practice too and write a comment about what you learned.