9/29/15 Daily Tarot Practice: Three Card Spread

I wanted something different today. I am unsure why. So I pulled out my “mixed” deck to see what would come up.

The cards: Justice, Knight of Swords, and Queen of Swords.


First Impressions: One Major Arcana card speaking of a long persisting issue. A “Big” issue. Two Sword cards dealing with daily issues. What struck me the most was that they all are holding swords pointing upwards. Important thoughts?

Justice. Whoa. So why is Justice coming up? My first thought was work. There have been lots of things going on that just haven’t seemed fair or good. Could it mean that? Or could it mean that I need to put a blindfold on, experience what is going on in my life (and work) and take it for what it is… not see it through the lens (perspective) I have been viewing it… and give it a “fair” shake? The Knight of Swords is facing justice. He is active, ready to leap forward towards Justice. Is he fighting justice? Am I the Knight… am I fighting Justice? I am unsure right now what the Knight’s quest and purpose is. I wonder if he even knows… or if he is riding off half cocked. Is that me? Am I riding off half cocked? Or is it a good and true fight he is riding into? If so, how does Justice fit in? Maybe I need to ride in and deal with my issues of Justice. Hmmmm. Then there is the Queen of Swords. She is calmly looking out at me. Holding her sword. She is prepared to use it but does so only after much consideration. This queen is my favorite, I love the snow scene behind her and she has such a strong, calm presence. I would like to be her. I would like to put what is going on in my life into perspective and be strong, calm but ready to act if the need arises.

It will be interesting to see how the day progresses. Happy Tuesday ya’ll!



9/26/15 Daily Tarot Practice: Tell A Story

The Cards: Ace of Coins, Death, 3 of Cups.

You have been worried about finances. They are a big part of your everyday life and things are about to change for the better. But in order for this change to come you have to let something go… something that is important, not a day-to-day issue, something that has encompassed your life for a long time. Could it be a belief? Maybe you believe that there is never enough money. You will have to find a way to let that belief go. When you do you will have a whole new positive relationship with money and your finances. And that is worth celebrating.


9/22/2015 Three Card Tell A Story Practice

This morning I decided to do another “Tell A Story” practice. This practice is not designed to impart any information. Its purpose is to help me get comfortable tying the cards together.

My Cards:

6 of Wands, The Moon and Temperance

First Impressions: Although this practice is designed just to tell a story I always like to practice getting an overview. I have one Minor Arcana and Two Major Arcana.

The Story. Gallant Knight has been on the front fighting for victory for years and years. His determination, sound strategy, and patience has allowed him to prevail. He and his men have won. They have won a hard fought victory. Today is his homecoming. Gallant Knight returns home to respect, gratitude and cheers. It feels good to arrive home victorious! But in the dark of night, Gallant wonders. Visions of the ugly side the war hound him. Miseries of the past war come back to haunt him. In the dark shadows of night the knight is afraid. Terrors of his mind seem so real. Dark and foreboding dreams keep him from sleep. It is in the minutes before dawn that he has a vision. A vision of what morning will bring. Clarity. The vision in his dream whispers that balance is needed. To heal from the dark, hidden, wounds of war he will need to work hard on recovering a balance to his life without “the good fight”.

That’s my story… and I am sticking to it. Happy Tuesday!


Three Card Daily Practice

It’s a Monday and I decided to shake things up a bit. I pulled out one of my other tarot decks to use today. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Morgan-Greer, but I just felt moved to try using my Mucha Tarot cards this morning.

When I shuffled I had no particular question in mind.

The Cards: Strength, 6 of Pentacles, The Magician.

First Impression: 2 Major Archana Cards – Life Situations, Pentacles: having to do with the body, home, finances. Repeat cards: Strength and 6 of Pentacles. These two cards came up last week too.

Strength: Cultivate my strength. Know I have it and can use it. I am stronger than I think.

6 of Pentacles: I know what this one means, right off. I need to pay my bills. I went through them but I haven’t paid them yet. I need to get to it. Just because one area of my life has gotten crazy doesn’t mean I should let others go.

Magician: I love this card. It is telling me I have everything I need to make magic happen. I can do it. I can overcome the issues going on in my life… at least how I perceive them.


Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to see what the Morgan-Greer cards looked like for this practice.

Although I think the Mucha are nice, there is a simplicity to Morgan-Greer that makes reading a lot easier. It seems like the Morgan-Greer cards get right down to the point, where as with the Mucha, I spend more time admiring the art and all its imagery.






9/16/15 Tarot Practice

Today I am going to use the “In the News” practice from the book Intuitive Tarot: Learn Tarot Instantly by Kelly Wallace. So I will pull three cards about something that is about to happen in the news in the next day or two… then see how I did. The news event: the Republican Debate tonight.


I pulled the 5 of Swords, the 7 of Cups Reversed, and The Fool. I have the one Major Arcana card that speaks of things long-lasting, not typical day-to-day concerns. Then there is the reverse card that means something that needs to be really paid attention to or is something that has been an ongoing struggle.

5 of Swords. Somebody who has overcome his challengers? Or is it that his challengers have given up? If The Donald was being represented by the man in the cloak with the three swords than it look like he is a victor. Now does this mean he will be the victor tonight? Or does it mean that he has become the front-runner? I tend to think he has become the front-runner because he has gotten out in front of the other candidates.

7 of Cups in Reverse. This is something to really be on the lookout for: All the choices? So maybe this card is saying look beyond Donald Trump to all the choices. Another option would be to say that all the options are distracting, but right now, that really doesn’t seem to be the case. Yes there are a lot of candidates in the race, but I don’t think the number is necessarily distracting because it seems like most of them have bowed out into the background. So, I really do think that this card is saying to really evaluate all of the choices.

The Fool. When I see this card I think of a newbie… someone without any experience starting on a new path. I feel like for a long time, more and more people have been getting fed up with the political business as usual up in Washington D.C. This feeling has seemed have been growing over a long period of time… people have just been getting disillusioned with croanie politics. So, the Fool could represent Donald Trump. He is new to politics. But somehow I don’t feel like that is exactly it. Why? I don’t think of him as full of youthful, innocent energy. I think this card is saying that what will be represented is not the usual intrenched politicians playing a political game. The candidate/s that will shine will be the ones that don’t have a history in politics. That could mean The Donald or it could mean Dr. Carson. Somehow I kind of think, in the end, Dr. Carson will shine brightest because of his more pure and innocent nature in the political realm.

What do you think? I will write an update after the debate and let you know how I accurate I think this reading was.



9/15/15 Tarot Practice

Todays practice exercise is going to be, “3 Card Story Tarot Reading” from Intuitive Tarot: Read The Tarot Instantly by Kelly Wallace.

These are the cards I pulled:

In the five of cups our hero is discouraged. He has had a terrible loss. Although the loss was great, and for now his grief and discouragement is all he seems to be able to focus on, he has not lost everything. There are some mighty fine things still left in his life, if only he would see them. Will he? Will our brave, down and out hero be able to breakout of his disillusionment and begin to realize that there is more than just loss that he can focus on? Or will he remain stuck?

Page of Cups. Our brave hero, has worked through his negative emotions and is ready to really appreciate and experience the wonderful things that remain in his life. Not only can he now focus on the good things in his life, but surprise, there is something there he was completely oblivious to. What surprise has our hero found?

The Lovers. Our hero has found love, in the most unexpected place. A relationship that he considered just a friendship has surprised him by turning into a deep, passionate, committed love. Who would have thought in the aftermath of his tragedy that he would find the love that had been there, unrecognized, all along.

How was that? What do you see? What would your story be?


The first practice dealing with a real life issue

Originally, I was going to do one of the games that is suggested in the book Intuitive Tarot: Read the Tarot Instantly by Kelly Wallace. You pick a news story that will probably resolve in the next few days and pull cards to get a beat on what is going on. Once the issue is really resolved, you can see how accurate your reading was. If I were to do this exercise, I would be hiding from the main issue in my life right now, something I do frequently but would really like to stop.

So, instead, I will be pulling three cards (because I want as more information than just one card can give) today to tell me what I need to know about my issues at work (if you care to read about them they are in the “history” below.


I pulled Strength, 9 of wands reversed (for reversed cards I turn them right side up and put them on my pink template so I can recognize the card was reversed but can still easily read it) and 6 of wands.

And I actually smile. Yes, these cards will definitely describe what is going on at work. Looking at these cards in the most general way, I see one Major Arcana and two cards dealing with Wands.

And the Major Arcana card is Strength, something I need to cultivate more of in my life. Yes, it has been a life theme for a while now. I am the people pleaser, and generally it hard for me to have the courage to stand up and cause any kind of problem, legitimate or not. I tend to take the burden on my shoulders, deal with it quietly, and stress myself out all to keep things at a quiet unassuming status quo. So, the Strength card is saying to me that I need to find my inner courage and put it to use.

The 9 of wands reversed. Wands are about doing. This reversed wand is saying either I have a particular challenge doing or I need to be really aware. But what doing is the card describing? Guarding? I should know from all my tarot reading what this card means in the most general way… but I don’t remember so I will have to rely on what its images are telling me. There are many wands behind this knight, I read that as lots and lots of work, lots of battles that he has seen and he has persevered. He is out in front of them. As a reversed card, I take this as my challenge. I need to find courage and get out in front of my problems.

6 of wands. The wreath and the knight on horseback symbolize to me: Victory. What an awesome card to get. Cultivating and using my inner strength and courage I can persevere through these trials. Wow!

It is absolutely amazing to me that on my second tarot practice, one that the topic had lots of meaning and emotion to me, that the cards could tell me something that addressed the situation so spot on. It seems utterly magical (as in the magic the world can bring with all its amazing coincidences, beauty, complexities…)

Good one. What do you see in these cards? I would love for you to comment about how you read these cards… intuitively or any other way. Have a great day!



History of the issue (you can skip this if you want, it is rather mundane, if you aren’t living it) At work, about a month or so ago, they changed my position. I work at a big doctors office with several offices and several doctors. It is my job to go over all the individual charges for the day before and make sure they have all been entered correctly so the claims aren’t rejected by the insurance companies which delays payment. It certainly wasn’t a sexy job and I always felt crunched for time because I had to get through the entire days claims, or else. A month ago they decided that instead of having the two people at each office that do check-out enter all the charges for the day, that they would just have a group of four people at one site do them all. This drastic change in job structure has come about because the Coding system for sending charges to insurance is going to completely change in October and if the claims aren’t correctly coded with the new systems, payment will be delayed. The hope is that these four people will learn the new coding system and go over each charge as they are putting it in to make sure it is correct before the charges are sent to insurance. Unfortunately, the steps included in charging out and checking the claims takes a lot more time than management has decided it should take. Management also determined that I should be able to handle all the charges of three offices. I officially started doing my new job on Thursday and Friday, last week. I started with two offices and on Friday was expected to easily handle three. Also, one of the other girls was sick and the only other person available ended up having to do two really big offices. By 11:00 am I knew I was severely in the weeds. I wasn’t able to keep up and didn’t feel comfortable asking for help because the one other person who was able to do the job had double the work already. I didn’t think I was that slow but obviously I am, I wasn’t done doing all the charging until 8:30 Friday night (having started at 8:30 am). Mind you, I didn’t take a lunch, or breaks, or even get up out of my chair (which is physically REALLY bad and hard on me). I knew I was under the gun and was trying my best to focus and get done. I even watched my colleague do her charging to see if maybe the way she does it is faster, because she didn’t seem to have any problems getting everything done for her two offices but I do it in a very similar way. The big boss, even stopped and asked how it was going to which I said I would have to get back to her on Monday after I finished the day. (I didn’t go into how far behind I was… she would have only given part of my work to the other girl – and she had enough already). As she was leaving my boss said, two people should easily be able to do 5 offices if they had to. Seriously?

The point is: I am too slow. Or maybe this position really isn’t for me. I don’t mind doing the work involved but obviously I don’t want to be a detriment to the other people I work with and I don’t want them having to take the bulk of my work to get it done. It is really hard to admit that I can’t do the work and successfully complete it and it has been tying me up in knots all weekend. I really don’t want to keep this job if I have to be given a lesser load to complete it. That seems really unfair to the other people in my team that are going to be doing it with me. My old position will be going away… so if this position doesn’t work… I am unsure if there will be any position available for me to go to.

I don’t really know how to address the situation on Monday. I have NEVER been good at confrontation and there is a lot riding on this one. As stressed out as this situation has mad me, I would love the just chuck the job entirely, but unfortunately my kitties, my husband and I like to eat and have a house to sleep in, so that probably isn’t the best option. 😦