Look what FINALLY came!  I have had it on pre-order for ages.  It was suppose to arrive on Wednesday 8/31 which happened to be my birthday but living on the West Coast of Florida and having a Tropical Storm bearing down resulted in an “inclement weather” email saying my delivery was delayed.  But I got it last night. Yippie Skippie.  And so far it is more than I hoped for!!!

Here is an excerpt from the instructions for your first reading (the instructions ask for you not to look up any meanings): “If you feel stuck here are some suggestions.  Look at the words and numbers on the cards and see what they mean to you. Even if you don’t have a set of numerological meanings at your fingertips, you probably have ideas about the difference in energy of say, odd numbers and even numbers (for example, I think odd numbers are spiky and even numbers smooth).  Some cards have words like Wands or Cups on them.  Do those words bring to mind any ideas? For me Swords are sharp and can protect or hurt; they are dangerous and take great skill and care to use effectively.  Some cards called court cards, have words like Page, Knight, Queen or King. What does a Knight make you think of? If you are like me you think of quests and adventures and heroic stories…pretend you are a five-year-old who doesn’t know how to read words yet and imagine the cards or pictures in a storybook…read the story that you see.”  From Barbara Moore’s book Your Tarot Your Way.

Magical!! I never, ever, ever thought of the odd numbers as “spiky” and the even as “smooth” but yes they are!  🙂

Ms. Moore has such a light, charming and magical way of presenting her material.  And I am only on page 10.  So, so, so glad I pre-ordered and patiently waited for this book to come!!!


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