9/14/15 Tarot Practice

Today, because of a sudden change in my work schedule, I will pull one call for the day. I will put down my thoughts about the card and its meaning. Tonight I will re-evaluate my impressions and put down any further thoughts about how the card might have come up in my day.



Okay, so my very first impression is… Another reversed card? Seriously? It seems that my Morgan Greer deck has had a fondness for giving me reversed cards. Since this is a reversed card it is something important for me to pay attention to or a challenge I have been dealing with. It is a Minor Arcana card so it is dealing with my day to day life. It is a Wand, which means action, doing, creativity. And it has a whole lot of flying sticks on it. Does it mean change? Or things are going to happen quickly? Or am I going to come up with lots of new ideas? It could mean any of those. Because the background is green with blue sky and puffy white clouds, I don't think the changes or whatever is going to happen will be bad at all, in fact it looks good. So today I am going to be on the look out for lots of change and/or movement. Change and/or movement I need to pay attention to or relating to something that has been challenging me for a while. What kind of change or progress that will be, I am not sure. I kind of think it will be about work but maybe it will be about home. Heck, it could even be about the stockmarket (I read today was a special religious day when people are predicting the market to crash) I guess I will have to get on with the day and see what happens!

Have a good one!

So, I am home from work and I know exactly what my card meant. It meant my work would go quickly…and it did. For the very first time it did… and that has been something I have been really struggling with because since I started my new job, I have had to leave late every night!


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